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One Well Solution
One Well Solution

Peso Energy Services, developed a mobile, fit-for-purpose, cost effective and easy to deploy Early Production Facility to help operators especially Marginal field owners bring their discoveries on-stream fast. This helps operators create early cash flow with minimal initial investment. Peso Energy understands clients expectations and priorities that create need for One Well Solutions.

Listed below are the unique futures of the package:

  • Suitable for Onshore & Offshore fields.
  • Package can effectively & efficiently handle production ranges of 500 - 5000 Barrels per day.
  • Package performs 3-Phase crude stabilization & Separation and meets Forcados terminal specification.
  • Package can be configured to handle a wide range of field production scenarios. Additional components like Gas compressions facility, produce water handling etc could be added to the package.
  • Package designed to be mobile. To allow for easy re-deployment to other fields and the end of field life.
  • Designed to minimize civil foundation works. Package designed to sit on moveable supports like timbers, wheeled chassis, barges etc.
  • Designed to maximize space and weight consideration for offshore & swamp locations.
  • Complete package is built & tested offsite. Minimal field installation required to get facility running. This reduces significant community exposure.





One Well Solution

One Well Solution

One Well Solution


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