Crude Oil Separation & Stabilization

Our services are customized based on client needs. We offer a single point of responsibility through an integrated blend of design, engineering and construction skills. Our Crude Oil Separation & Stabilization Services also include Produced Water Treatment.

We deliver the following services:

Ultra-Early Production Facility

PESO Energy Services, realizing the limited cash available to operators to develop their fields, can assemble early production facilities from her huge inventory of used Oil & Gas equipment specially sourced over the years for this purpose.

Separators, thermal treaters, wash tanks, fuel gas scrubbers, flare systems can be assembled to commence production within the shortest possible time. The unique advantage is significant time and cost saving. These can also be deployed to sit on temporary supports without elaborate civil foundation.

Produced & Oily Water Treatment

Produced & Oily water handling has become a mandatory part of oil & gas processing. With increasing tight regulations and environmental protection, facility operators need a cost effective and efficient solution to deal with the associated water produced during oil & gas processing. PESO Energy provides a full range of oily water treatment solutions for removing oil from water and separating water from oil.

We offer primary, secondary and tertiary water treatment solutions. We design and fabricate systems that meet Client specific requirements and the most stringent regulations of up to 1ppm. The systems eventually pay for themselves through revenue generated from the sale of recovered oil. PESO has designed, procured and installed over 22,000 Barrels of Water Per Day (BWPD) treatment facilities in Nigeria.

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