Natural Gas & NGL Processing

Our services are customized based on client needs. We offer a single point of responsibility through an integrated blend of design, engineering and construction skills.

We deliver the following services:

Gas Compression

PESO is the foremost gas processing company in Nigeria. We have built a reputation for delivering top quality services across the gas processing value chain. We engineer, procure and install gas compressors for a wide range of applications including Gas Processing, Gas Life and Re-injection, Gas Gathering and Transmission and Storage. We assist our Clients with reliable packages acquired through outright purchase, lease or lease-to-own, or rental.

We supply on a turnkey basis, from project management, facility and equipment design, equipment manufacturing supervision, facility construction, installation, startup and facility operations with the Packagers’ representatives of virtually any compression package. PESO has experience in the deployment of over 270Million Standard Cubic Feet Per Day (MMSCFD) gas compression units.

Gas Dehydration

PESO provides gas dehydration solution for gas processing. The purpose is to ensure the removal of all water vapors entrained in a typical inlet gas stream.

We have over the years installed Molecular Sieve Dehydration unit which utilize a silicate compound to dry completely the inlet gas stream for gas processing plants. This prevents hydrate formation and ensures the complete removal of water vapor from natural gas streams.

PESO has deployed a number of Molecular Sieve Dehydration unit as part of gas processing plant deployment and also have experience in changeout of molecular sieve beds that have become saturated over time. .

LPG & Gasoline Recovery

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is one of the most sought-after by-products of gas processing in Nigeria due to its use as cooking gas.

PESO designs, procures and install fractionation plants that can recover LPG from the natural gas stream meeting the Nigerian Industrial Standards (NIS) requirement for domestic consumption.

PESO provides the entire systems from the inlet dehydration to cooling, to produce the Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs), and then fractionation to produce truckable spec LPG and propane.

Condensate Stabilization

Most crude/condensate production facilities in Nigeria are 2-phase systems that stabilize crude with high Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP). This means light ends are still entrained in the crude-condensate product thereby making it unsafe to store or transport. PESO provides a turnkey basis stabilization unit designed to separate light ends from the condensate and converts them to saleable hydrocarbon products. This is done while stabilizing condensate for safe storage and transportation by reducing the RVP and True Vapor Pressure (TVP) meeting Client requirement and especially, refinery specification.

We have in inventory standard built stabilization system (500 – 20,000 BOPD) that can be deployed quickly to enable Clients meet low RVP spec. The units also enable Clients to export stabilized condensate within hours of production as against waiting several hours for gravity separation retaining the condensate in storage tanks.

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