Hydrocarbon Accounting

Our Hydrocarbon Accounting services include Remote & Real time online data acquisition and are customized to suit your requirements.

We offer the following Hydrocarbon Accounting services:

Flare Gas Measurement

Flare gas measurement remains a key element of oil and gas operations today. It is necessary to obtain, monitor, report and validate data of produced, utilized and flared/vented natural gas to generate flare site data useful in identifying and quantifying environmental impact as well as opportunities to commercialize flared gas.

At the heart of PESO's flare gas measurement systems are equipment and solutions designed for optimal performance in the harshest environmental conditions and successfully deployed at the most challenging site locations around the world. These can be connected to any DCS or SCADA system to provide accurate measurement of flare gas across a wide range of operating parameters, locally or remotely.

Crude Oil Measurement

At PESO, we understand that product measurement remains the primary source of revenue determination in the industry and as a result directly impacts profitability. Our comprehensive oil and gas measurement services help to ensure that oil and gas product measurement systems are designed, installed, operated and maintained in accordance with relevant industry standards and best practices.

The measurement technologies we deploy can ensure our Clients' production, transportation and processing of oil and gas are digitized, automated and optimized. These can provide auditable and traceable measurements for fiscal, custody transfer and allocation management. Our crude oil measurement systems include Crude Oil Custody Transfer Measurement Systems, Lease Automatic Custody Transfer / Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT / ACT) systems, Natural Gas Liquid Measurement Skids, Crude Oil Sample Systems and Provers.


We draw from our deep industry expertise to assist every Client in implementing flexible and intuitive control automation systems that enable the collection of data at remote oil and gas sites, effectively reducing the need for personnel visit and driving improved bottom-line results.

Our solutions enable our Clients:

- Remotely control and monitor processes within various parameters.

- Gather, process, and record real-time data allowing greater visibility of your field or equipment and aid crucial decision making.

- Connect employees and equipment through human-machine interface (HMI) software.

- Respond to crisis in a timely manner. When an equipment fails, a SCADA system can help management mitigate the damage immediately and minimize environmental disaster.

Meter Calibration & Proving

Our experts provide dependable liquid and gas meter calibration and proofing services ranging from new installations, maintenance, and calibration services.

We utilize state-of-the-art automated equipment, specialist diagnostic capabilities, and our network of hands-on expertise to provide bespoke meter calibration and proofing solutions to our Clients. This ensures accurate measurement performance over time.

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