Engineering Design Services

PESO Energy Services specializes in getting difficult projects to sanction. We understand that it take considerable efforts to come up with concepts and technical solutions without a budget. PESO helps to proffer workable and cost-effective solutions to vast arrays of problems requiring engineering solutions to the Oil and Gas industry.

We do not believe in “one size fits all”. We work with the understanding that every field has its unique characteristics which requires due diligence and proper analysis to maximize safety and functionality. Our Design Team of experts develops excellent engineering drawings based on our wide range of experience that consistently provides workable solutions to meet our Clients’ specific and varied needs.

PESO Energy Services spares no cost in the continuous development of our team and the use of state-of-the-art software to meet the modern technological needs of our Clients. You can rest assured that with PESO you are in safe hands.

Our services include:

Concept Solution

PESO believes that at Concept phases of the project is when the most value can be brought to a project. We help clients with limited budget to perform concept selection in the most economical way.

Over the years, we have developed methodology and tools to help clients with concepts that considerably reduce CAPEX and OPEX in the life cycle of plants.


PESO performs FEED in such a way that construction installation, operations and maintenance are included in the design to ensure proper operations by the client during facility life.

We perform value engineering to ensure the maximum amount of savings is achieved.

Detailed Engineering

Utilizing our fully equipped engineering office, and highly skilled engineering staff PESO is able to provide multidisciplinary detailed engineering services.

We use the modern software like cutting-edge CAD design tools to develop and secure technical solutions in friendly 2D or 3D presentations. Our detailed design ensures simpler installation methods.

Technical Audits & As-building

As oil & gas facilities age, several changes and modification are made to keep the facilities in optimal shape, this results in changes to the facilities and make initial design and construction documentation obsolete.

PESO performs technical audits to help clients ascertain the true status of the facilities and to enable client obtain up-to-date repository engineering information and identify gaps necessary to optimize the facilities.

With the performance of As-Built and Technical Audit client is able to ascertain the general conditions, operational suitability, current functional status and process capacities of existing facilities. All from the convenience of their desktop.

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